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'Maids of Honour' is a UK Registered Trade Mark No 2522626 Under Section 37 'Cleaning Services' owned by Peter Honour.

Unauthorised use of this trademark in relation to cleaning services will result in legal action.


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In addition products and services published on this site may be available at lower or higher rates than we have illustrated. Errors and omissions excluded.

Cookie Policy

Any personal data relating to you will only be used by us in accordance with current data protection legislation. We may also make use of such data for administration purposes and future enhancing of the website to meet your needs as well as our marketing, advertising and promotional purposes.

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Generally this information is collected through "traffic data" and may entail the use of "Cookies" "IP addresses" or other numeric codes used to identify a computer.

Cleaning Terms and Conditions

The customer shall be deemed to be the person booking the cleaning via telephone or online form submission.

Peter Honour T/A Maids of Honour are the cleaning service provider

Any changes to the agreed schedule and requirements will result in a recalculation of the pricing of the cleaning service provided by Maids of Honour

Our commitment.
Maids of Honour will endeavour to provide you with the agreed cleaning plan on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or one-off basis. Maids of Honour will inform you by telephone or email if Maids of Honour are unable to attend.

The only for reason this will be if your cleaner is ill or on holiday. Maids of Honour will always try to give you at least seven days notice for holidays and at least 48 hours for illness. If we are unable to attend we will not charge you for our service.

The customer must give Maids of Honour at least seven days notice by phone or email if you wish to reschedule all or part of your cleaning plan. If you do not do so Maids of Honour will charge you 50% of your normal invoice total.

Furthermore if you the customer fail to give Maids of Honour notice 48 hours prior to your next clean, that you wish to reschedule all or part of your cleaning plan, Maids of Honour will charge you 100% of your normal invoice total.

If payment is not made within seven days we reserve the right to cancel/suspend your cleaning service without notice.

One Off / Spring Cleaning / End of Tenancy Cleaning

Maids of Honour will endeavour to provide you with the number of hours cleaning booked online on the time and date you have requested. We will inform you by telephone or email if we are unable to attend on the date/time you have requested and will endeavour to re-arrange the booking at a mutually convenient time/date.  If we are unable to agree on a mutually convenient time/date we will refund your full payment.

If you wish to cancel your booking, you must give Maids of Honour at least 48 hours notice prior to the agreed time and date of your clean. If you do not give the required 48 hours notice, Maids of Honour will only refund you 50% of your booking cost. Cancellation will only be accepted in writing or by email.

If you wish to change the date/time of your booking you must give Maids of Honour at least 48 hours notice prior to the agreed date/time of your cleaning booking. If you do not give 48 hours notice, an additional charge of £25 will be incurred and will be payable on the day of the re-scheduled clean. If you fail to re-arrange the booking and subsequently cancel we will only refund 50% of your booking cost. Changes to your booked cleaning must be in writing or by email.

If Maids of Honour arrive at your property, at the agreed time/date of your booked cleaning and are unable to gain access, we will wait for a maximum of 15 minutes. We will attempt to contact you on the telephone numbers provided but If we are still unable to gain access to the property we reserve the right to cancel the booking and will not offer a refund.

Our cleaners will clean in your home for the full amount of hours that you have booked. Remember though that, if more than one cleaner is allocated, they will each be doing an hours work. For example if you book 4 hours cleaning and there are two cleaners, they will do two hours work each, making up the four hours, but will only be in your house for 2 hours in total.

We will only provide the number of hours cleaning that you have paid for, with a maximum of 10 minutes over being allowed. If you find that you have not booked enough time for us to fully complete your home cleaning you must re-book further time by telephoning Maids of Honour on 07421 004111 . As a business we are unable to provide free unpaid work.

Refunds will be processed within 7 days but may take up to two weeks to show on your credit/debit card statement.

As part of your regular cleaning program, Maids of Honour will still provide and charge for cleaning whilst you are on holiday other than by prior arrangement of at least 15 days notice in writing.

Payment for Maids of Honourís cleaning service should be paid in cash by depositing money in the envelopes provided. We can accept personal cheques by prior arrangement but payment will need to be made at least 7 days in advance.

In some cases Maids of Honour can accept payments by credit or debit card via secure Paypal payment.

All one-off cleans must be paid by cash on the day prior to commencement of any work.

For all one-off cleans Maids of Honour require a deposit of £25 at the time of order to secure and confirm your booking.
Payment in cash or by debit/credit card only.

If you cancel your cleaning contract with Maids of Honour your keys will be available for collection from our address on the Saturday after you have cancelled the contract.

Insurance Excess.
We are insured for £1 million pounds against the cleaner damaging your property accidently. Please note, in order to keep our charges at a very competitive rate, there is an excess of £100 on all claims for which you would be responsible for.

Termination of this contract can be made by either the customer or Maids of Honour with a minimum of 15 days notice in writing.

All our cleaners are employed by Maids of Honour who have spent time effort and money on recruitment to ensure a high standard of cleaner. We also pay sick pay and holiday pay to our cleaners.

Should you the customer employ our cleaner directly within three months of them leaving you agree to pay Maids of Honour £250 in compensation for our prior expenditure and loss.

Complaints proceedure.
Please write to Peter Honour Maids of Honour 41 Highfield Drive Farnworth Bolton BL4 0RR or email